About Faidra's location

 ΤσούτσουροςFaidra apartments are located on the eastern side of the beach of Tsoutsouros (New Tsoutsouros), next to the sea.

 It is an ideal place for vacations throughout the year.

 The climate is great since it's not very humid.

 The sea is very clean and has a special mixture of salt and iodine, elements that make it a perfect choice for a summer vacation with endless swimming.



 The 2 km long beach, caters for every taste, both of thοse who desire an organized beach, as well as of those who prefer the shade of the trees.

 If you seek adventure in nature, the surrounding mountains and other places of wild beauty are ideal for exploration.

 If you are interested in the paranormal and want to "explore" the energy of the area and its myths, this is the perfect destination for your vacations!

 The energy that you will feel in this place and the magic of the sea will amaze you!