About us



 Faidra Apartments opened in the summer of 2005 and welcomes visitors from Greece and abroad that spend their holidays at the beach of Tsoutsouras.

 With a warm smile and willingness you will be greeted by Mrs Morfoula and her husband Manolis.

 "We started to build the apartments for personal use and for the use of our family, but the visitors of the area saw them and were asking us to rent them. So I started to get enchanted by the idea of hospitality. We receive pleasure from the client and from his own pleasure ... " Ms. Morfoula narrates.

 The dedication to the customer, the grooming and the discreet care are elements that characterize her and her husband, who helps with treats and grooming. "I like to give my soul to people in order to see the pleasure on their smile" says Mrs Morfoula.

 This is the biggest of all the advantages that this "small pension" (as it is characterized by her) provides, the warmth, the authenticity and the hospitality of its owners.