Tsoutsouras or Tsoutsouros is located 63km on the south of Heraklion, at the exit of the imposing Mintri canyon.

 In this area the ancient city of Inatos was built, port of Priansos. Tsoutsouras’ name has been derived from the Venetian name Zuzzuro.

 It is a very picturesque and beautiful village with a significant tourist infrastructure and a wonderful sea. It compines not only a very well organized tourist region but also a destination for relaxing vacations ...

 In front of the village is the small harbor of the region. Both eastern and western of the harbor are two large sheltered bay with total length of 2km, who have lovely sand and crystal clear sea ...There are 3 sandy beaches with sun beds and parasols, and a great beach area with trees.

 It is ideal for family holidays with all facilities nearby, to your accommodation, food, drink and entertainment! That is everything you need for relaxing summer vavations!

 One very important wealth factor of the village is also the people, who are pure, warm-hearted, hospitable and eager.

The energy and the properties of the area

 PortThe area of Tsoutsouros also features healing properties! The water is high in salt and iodine. Many doctors suggest those with musculoskeletal and orthopedic problems swimming in Tsoutsouros. The density of the sea in salt and iodine, combined with its clearness consist a strong challenge for visitors. The climate is also superb as there is no moisture and helps treating respiratory problems.

 Besides these properties, however, Tsoutsouros also features ... magic properties! It is a region with a strong influence of myths, folk stories and fairy tales about dragons and monsters. Stories are rumored, about illegal excavations of the past, about fantastic modern stories and paradoxes but also about the presence of energy said to be hidden there.